Thermocool office in Lagos: Address and Contact Details.

Thermocool office in Lagos: Address and Contact Details.

Thermocool is no doubt a specialist in providing commercial air conditioning and refrigeration solutions

HPZ Ltd as a company declares that perhaps there should be any defect in workmanship or material occurrence in this appliance within 12(twelve) months of the date of purchase, we will to the original purchaser repair or at our option, replace the defective part free of any charge for labour or materials on condition

Thermocool office in Lagos Address:

HPZ Nigeria LTD.

45-47 Town Planning Way,

Ilupeju Industrial Estate,

Ilupeju, Lagos


Customer Care No:  07008437662665

Thermocool office in Lagos: Address and Contact Details.


Product Period Covered Parts Not covered
Refrigerators/Freezers 12 (Twelve) Months

3 (Three) years on compressor and cabinet only.

Filters, plastic/glass attachments, locks items, glass ware and light bulb, bowels, hose, glass panel, attachments such as feed valve joint, strainers, piping, evaporator pan, ice tray, shelves and filter valves.

All suction nozzle, external parts such as casting control knobs/buttons, cable, extension pipes, filters and flexible hose.

Air Conditioners 12 (Twelve) Months

3 (Three) years on compressor only

Hose, gas refill, plastic/glass attachments, filter valves, pipes, general maintenance and replacement of filter and chemical cleaning, piping, external parts such as control knobs/button, cables extension pipes, filter and flexible hose.


Washing Machines 12 (Twelve) Months Feed valve joint, valves, external parts such as knobs/buttons and cables, filters, extension pipes, flexible hose, strainers and air filters.
Dryer 12 (Twelve) Months External parts such as knobs/buttons and cables, extension pipes, flexible hose, strainer and air filters
Cookers 12 (Twelve) Months or 24 (twenty four) Months All parts except the burners and the ovens
Microwave Oven 12 (Twelve) Months Turn-table, attachments such as glass panel, bowel, hose, plastic/glass attachments, tray, shelves, valves and air filter, control knobs/buttons and cables.
LCD/TV/Plasma 12 (Twelve) Months Antennae and cables, cover, remote control, plastic panels, plastic parts & duct, all plastic parts, external parts such as levers, sockets, plugs and control knobs or adapters.
Home Theatre 12 (Twelve) Months Remote control, plastic parts, cover, plastic panels, external parts such as levers, sockets, plug, control knobs or adapters and plastic parts & duct.
Gas Generators 1 month for Recoil/Electric series, 3Mths or 500Hrs on Remote/ATS series Generator Battery, Fuel Filter, Spark Plug and Wheels
Stabilizer 1 (One) Year Fuse, wire, plug, meters, switch and buttons.
Water Dispensers 12 (Twelve) Months Light Bulb, Plastic and all breakable parts, taps, knobs, or buttons



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  1. Happy New Year 2021!!!

  2. My thermocool freezer cabinet was linking and rust so they came to carried it since last week, I sent this message to know how far about it


    Abiola Sadia O

  3. What is Thermocool contact number in Lagos?

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