List of Army Barracks in Lagos state.

List of Army Barracks in Lagos State.

Barracks are buildings used to accommodate military personnel. There are 52 army barracks in Nigeria and these military bases are where land soldiers reside. Among the object of Army barracks is to separate soldiers from the civilian population and reinforce discipline, training, and esprit de corps.

List of 11 Army Barracks in Lagos State.

  1. 174 Battalion, Nigerian Army barracks located in Odoguyan Ikorodu, Lagos State.
  2. Abalti Barracks, located in Surulere, Lagos. It is the Headquarters of the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps.
  3. Albitic barracks in Surulere, Lagos, is the headquarters of the Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps.
  4. AN barracks is located in Yaba, Lagos State.
  5. Arakan Barracks is located in Apapa Lagos, Lagos State. It is the umbrella of the Nigerian Army Finance Corp, housing the Nigerian Army School of Finance and Administration.
  6. Ashanti barracks is located along Mobil Road, Ajegunle, Lagos State.
  7. Beho Beho barracks, located in Lagos State.
  8. Ikeja barracks, also known as Ikeja Cantonment, is located in Ikeja, Lagos State.
  9. Marda barracks, in Yaba. It is located right opposite Healthy Pulse pharmacy and supermarket, 346 Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba, Lagos.
  10. Ojo Barracks, also called Ojo Cantonment, is located in Tedi Village, Ojo in Lagos.
  11. Tego barracks on Bonny Street, Badia in Lagos State. It is the intelligence arm of the Nigerian Army School.

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